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List of blogshop related articles on topics ranging from setting up of blogshops to a news article about a woman who was jailed for cheating buyers from her blogshop to getting consignments for blogshops.

A blogshop is essentially an online store built on top of a blogging platform e.g. Wordress, Blogger or Multiply set up with a view to offering products for sales to the general public, locally or overseas.

It is usually characterised by excessive long listings of products in a single page and the lack of professional ecommerce shopping cart facilities present in modern day commercial online stores.

The quality of such websites, the products they offer and the service level can vary greatly from shop to shop.

Help on blogshop

Hi Experts!

I just set up a so called blogshop and in need of advises on what can be improve...
M learning on the go. So if there is any kind soul out there who could pinpoint me into the right directions...

Really appreciate your kind words of wisdom..
6 Replies | 3,233 Views

I Just Started a Blogshop and in Need of Wise Advises.


Totally a newbie but i have been learning as i go....
Just started out a so called blogshop as i really want to forcase my ideas and products to others.
I would really appreciate if any of you could offer me any wise advises on how to get traffic, improve on anything that is lacking or so on....


Yours Sincerely,
6 Replies | 3,880 Views

Blogshop Woman Jailed for Cheating 37 Buyers

Blogshop woman jailed for cheating 37 buyers

By Serene Luo & Teh Joo Lin

A YOUNG woman hawked branded accessories and handbags at bargain prices on her blogshop.

But Diana Koh, 21, never delivered the bags, even though she pocketed over $1,000 in total from close to 40 women who responded to her online offers of bags, jewellery casings and make-up pouches.

Yesterday, Koh was jailed for three months for cheating 37 victims in March.
... [Read More]
1 Reply | 3,279 Views

How to Start a Online Blogshop?

HI To All,

I would like to know more informations & tips for a starter like me

1) Do I need capital/money?

2) Do I get clothings from supplier first?

4) How to invite customer?

5) What if there's no customer/traffic that comes to buy and all the clothings stuck down there with no sales?
5 Replies | 9,726 Views

Getting Consignment Goods for Blogshops

hi all, sorry this is my recent post. I am starting a very nice (hopefully) online blogshop like others. But my theme is more on budget but quality stuffs like nail polish OPI, china glaze, nail stickers etc.

I have some clothings also but not
... [Read More]
0 Replies | 3,235 Views

Create blog to sell my stuffs


Is it illegal to create blogs to selling my stuffs?
13 Replies | 117,459 Views

Where to get FREE GUESTBOOKS/FEEDBACK forms for blogspot?

Hi all,

Can anyone help? Where can I find free guestbook or feedback forms to gain reputation for my online shop? HOw do I input them in blogspot. Seniors! Please advise. Thanks.
6 Replies | 3,397 Views

How to set up an online store or blogshop?

Dear All,

As online store or blogshop is totally new to us, would appreciate that anyone can assist on that. Any restriction we need to note. Please give us a call at HP

Many thanks in advance
15 Replies | 19,935 Views

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