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sbit_sg 04-10-2011 01:39 PM

Seminar on "Understanding the PushCart Business"
** Once in a lifetime chance of knowing the trade secrets of the pushcart business **

So you want to be your own boss?

But like others, you are filled with uncertainty and unable to make that first step out of your comfort zone.

Here's your chance to learn more about the pushcart business from this seminar we are going to conduct called "Understanding the pushcart business"

Speaker has been in the pushcart business for 5years and have since expanded into wholesale, retail shop and consultancy about the business. But you might ask why does he want to reveal the secrets to the business? He has seen many businesses fail and fold only to contribute to the poor consumer confidence in the pushcart community. He wants to help the pushcart community to gain more consumer confidence and ensure you are mentality prepared. You could run into serious financial problems if you do not start off on the right track. Only if everybody do their part, the pushcart community will stand to gain in terms of consumer confidence to spend and sustain.

I will also share with everybody about my own personal experiences and unforeseen obstacles you will face. Now here's your chance to know things you never thought people in the same trade will reveal.

Topics covered will be,

1)Formula to success

- Discover and follow a tested and proven formula in achieving everything you do

- Applying this method to your businesses,relationship, basically everything you do !

2) Understanding the pushcart business.

- Different kinds of pushcart
- How to rent a pushcart ( Procedure )
- Documents you need to rent a pushcart
- Operation hours of pushcart
- Choosing your location
- Rental cost and deposit
- Lease period and renewal issues
- POS systems
- Displaying your products ( Where to get your display accessories )
- What products to sell ( Formula to getting the right products )
- Where to buy your stock ( Advantages and disadvantages of diff countries )
- Freight ( importing of stock)
- Marketing of your pushcart
- When is the best time to start that pushcart business
- What happens if business is slow and how to counter
- Differences in pushcart and retail shop ( Advantages and disadvantages )
- Flea market, Yellow box, Cubic box, Bazaar

3) Sharing personal pass experiences

The seminar will be on the

Date: 30th of Oct, Sunday

Time: 11am - 2pm with a break in between

Location: Opposite Bugis Junction. Heritage place, 21 Tan Quee Lan Street #02-08 Singapore 188108
Visit this site to see exact map. (

Fee: $88.00 (Usual $108.00)
Group booking of 5 pax and above gets another 10% off $88.
Capacity: 60 Pax

Contact infos

Organizer: Simon Hoe
Speaker : Simon Hoe
Contact info: 9099 5057 / 90372308
Company BR: 53100471J

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Please let us know when you have transferred. SMS to 9099 5057

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** Book early to avoid disappointment **

sbit_sg 24-10-2011 01:32 PM

Re: Seminar on "Understanding the PushCart Business"
Hi People,

Many of you call me or emailed me and ask me is the seminar still available. But only a handful signed up. This is the 1st talk of it's kind in Pushcart forum and i am confident it will make you consider a whole lot more issues before you actually start any business. Be it pushcart, online, flea market..etc

What i've seen and experience through my 5 years of pushcart business, i will share them all with you. To make sure you are prepared. The community has enough bad publicity, if you think it is easy to SUSTAIN a pushcart business, think again! It is easy to start the business but to SUSTAIN the business for the rest of your life? Have you considered how far you want to bring this business to? You need to take the first step in self educating yourself. Most of the new startups post here and expect to be spoon feed by others. Sorry i have to say this, you shouldn't even think about starting a business.

If you do not even have initiative to self educate, you are likely to depend on others on a whole lot of other factors. Having a business means you are answerable not only to yourself but your staffs and customers. Being mentally and financially prepare is very important from the start. You need to be in control and know what you are doing.

Should any of you feel that it is a complete waste of time after attending, i will not hesitate to refund you your money. This is my money back guarantee service. I want to spur up consumer confidence in the pushcart community not only to benefit myself but also everybody else.

It is not about winning, it's about doing the right thing. So please continue to email ( or call me (90995057) if you have any more doubts.

Thank you and Good business always!



sbit_sg 24-10-2011 01:39 PM

Re: Seminar on "Understanding the PushCart Business"

SEMINAR DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED from 30th OCT to 27th NOV 2011. TIMING IS STILL THE SAME, 11AM - 1PM. Breaks in between.

:thanx: :thanx: :thanx:

sbit_sg 13-11-2011 02:12 PM

Re: Seminar on "Understanding the PushCart Business"
Hi everyone!

Registration will close on the 20th of Nov 2359Hrs. Please confirm attendance asap. Free seating and first come first serve basis.

Thank you!

hlchak 12-05-2012 08:17 PM

Re: Seminar on "Understanding the PushCart Business"

I am new to pushcart business. My sister and I would like to start one.
Is the "Understanding the pushcart business" available for us to attend?
Thank you.


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