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  1. Looking for Consignment of Baby Products
  2. Pop-up Store at NEX Serangoon
  3. Renting of Retail Wagons
  4. Shelf Panel Space Rental Box Shop Retail Sale
  5. Shelf Panel Space Rental in Jurong Point Retail Shop
  6. Looking for Stall Owners to Partner
  7. Looking for Stall Owners to Partner
  8. Looking to Co-share FnB Space
  9. Sharing of Wagon Space at Baby Fair
  10. Suntec City Sharing of Retail Space
  11. ATRIUM RENTAL 15 Feb to 21 Feb At ARC
  12. Sharing of Event at Pasir Ris Whitesands
  13. Retail Space for Sharing/Rack for Rent
  15. Pushcart Sharing - Ladies Bag WANTED
  16. Thomson Plaza 28 DEC TO 3 JAN
  17. Sharing of Event Space at ARC (Alexander Retail Centre)
  18. 1 Week Temp Stall Located @ Jurong Temp Interchange on October
  19. 1 Week Temp Stall Located @ Jurong Interchange on October
  20. Sharing of Retail Space
  21. Sharing of Retail Space (Orchard)
  22. Kidswear Retail Shop for Sharing - No Rent, Profit Sharing
  23. Sharing Pushcart at Tampines 1
  24. Need to Clear Women Clothing Stock
  25. Haji Lane: Retail Space For Rent
  26. Sharing Puschart at Bukit Panjang Plaza
  27. Space to Rent in Beauty Salon for Mani/Pedi
  28. Temporary Lease Space Fareast Plaza Shopping Centre
  29. Sharing Pushcart at Jurong
  30. Sharing Singapost Space from July 25th
  31. Sharing of Booth at United Square Shopping Mall
  32. Share a Pushcart
  33. Market Your Products with Your Own Rack Space!
  34. Table Space Near POMO on Every Weekend
  35. Push Cart to Let Go at Jurong Point
  36. Sharing Booth (Kids Bazaar) @ Sembawang Shopping Centre & The Star Vista
  37. Urgently Looking for Pushcart
  38. Online Business Closed Down - Renting Out Warehouse
  39. Sharing of Corner Booth at Feb 14' Babycare Festival by Mediacorp
  40. Looking for a Long Term Yellow Box Space for Rent
  41. Looking to Share Exhibition Booth Space
  42. Pushcart at Prime Tourist Destination to Share
  43. Sharing of Pushcart at Parkway & Bugis
  44. Yellow Box for Rent
  45. Looking for Retail Space
  46. Yellow Box in Bedok Central for Rent
  47. Shop to Share in Bedok Central
  48. Shop in Bedok Central to Take Over
  49. Space for Sharing
  50. Shop Space of 100-300sf Required in the East
  51. Share Shop Space at Holland Village Shop
  52. Yellow Box for Sharing
  53. Limbang Promotion Lot for Takeover on 24/06/2103
  54. Looking for Pushcarts, Kiosks or a Small Shop.
  55. Shop in Tampines to Take Over
  56. Share Shop Space at Holland Village
  57. Looking for Share Space at Beauty Salon/Facial Spa
  58. Upcoming Motherhood Babyfair Booth Space for Sharing
  59. Thomson Plaza For Sharing
  60. Looking for Kiosk Space in Malls
  61. Sharing of 1st Floor Shop Space at Liang Court
  62. GOOD Location! Clementi Central
  63. Sharing Yellow Box at Yishun on 14/3
  64. Sharing of Clementi Central Shop Space on Weekly Basis
  65. Sharing of Yellow Box at Chiong Pang
  66. Sharing of Pushcart Space at Tampines 1 Basement 1
  67. [Bukit Batok Westmall] Sharing Christmas Booth / Gazebo
  68. Sharing Event Space at Raffles Exchange
  69. Pushcart Sharing At United Square- Novena
  70. Sharing of Shop Space - 112 Katong And/or Liang Court
  71. Sharing Space at Raffles Exchange
  72. Jurong East Interchange Pushcart Let Go
  73. Pushcart/kiosk Area in Yishun
  74. Anyone Share KIOSK/Pushcart?
  75. Sharing of Space at Yishun #399
  76. Looking for Space Sharing at Atrium Bazaars
  77. Kiosk/Yellow Box/Shop Space Sharing Wanted
  78. Sharing of Yellow Box at Woodlands Blk 303
  79. Star Vista New Mall - Pushcart to Share in Prime Location
  80. Sharing of Yellow Box on 15/09/2012 at Bishan
  81. Share Shop Space, Near MRT
  82. Kovan Heartland Mall Pushcart for 1 Week- Take Over
  83. Kovan Heartland Mall Pushcart for 1 Week- Take Over
  84. Prime Location-Suntec City Mall- Pushcart to Let Go!
  85. Sharing Pushcart in Bishan J8
  86. Share Shop Space
  87. Suntec City Mall- Sharing One Side (right Side )of Pushcart !
  88. Share Shop Space
  89. Bazaar at Far East Plaza
  90. Panel Sharing at Tiong Bahru Market Shop
  91. Sharing of Stall Space in Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2012
  92. Panel Space for Sharing at Arcade
  93. Sharing of Space at Orchard Central
  94. Share Kiosk Shop Space
  95. Yellow Box at Bang Kit for Sharing
  96. Sharing of Shop Space
  97. Sharing of Shop Space
  98. Yellow Box for Rent at 102 Chong Pang Market, Yishun (night Time 4pm - 10pm)
  99. Sharing of Cineleisure Pushcart
  100. Shop Space for Rent
  101. Suntec City Pushcart for Rent for 2 or 3 Weeks!
  102. One Month Rental At Suntec City Mall at 3400!
  103. Pushcart for Takeover at Suntec City Mall Lvl 3!
  104. United Square Mall Short Term Pushcart Take Over!
  105. Sharing Space
  106. Sharing at Orchard Central 5 Mar 2012 to 11 Mar 2012
  107. Food Fiesta Booth Sharing
  108. Yellow Box for Sharing
  109. Looking for Pushcart Sharing
  110. Yellow Box for Sharing
  111. Sharing Space at The Arcade -Raffles Place
  112. Retail/Office Space for Sharing from $20 Only!
  113. Sharing of Baby Fair Spaces
  114. Yellow Box for Sharing
  115. Sharing of Retail Space at High Traffic Downtown East Level 2
  116. Shop Space for Sharing
  117. Yellow Box for Rent
  118. RE: This Weekend Sharing of Booth at Mega Lifestyle & Weddings
  119. Looking for Partial-ShopSpace/Push Cart/kiosk to Sell Handphone Accessories
  120. Sharing of Pushcarts at Cineleisure, Tampines Bus Interchange and Bugis Village
  121. Shop Space for Sharing at Raffles Place
  122. Tampines , Sharing of Retail Space
  123. Looking to Share Pushcart or Kiosk
  124. Sharing at Golden Landmark
  125. Baking Kitchen Space Sharing
  126. 3in1 Instant Coffee
  127. Far East Plaza Level 1 for Sharing from 14 Dec to 13 Jan 2012
  128. Sharing Cart for Mth of December
  129. Shop Space for Sharing
  130. Sharing of Retail Space in CBD (Half Unit Shop)
  131. Sharing at IMM
  132. Sharing of Baby Fair at Expo
  133. Sharing Pushcart at Suntec
  134. Share a Space in Kovan
  135. Looking for Wall Pannel Display Size 4mWX2mH
  136. Looking for Sharing of Retail Space Fr Nov 2011 Till Feb2012
  137. Sharing at West Coast Plaza
  138. Sharing at Orchard Centre 28 0ct to 6 Nov
  139. Sharing at Orchard Central 17oct to 23oct
  140. Sharing at Orchard Concorde Hotel
  141. Sharing at Sengkang Square on 30 Sept 5pm-11pm
  142. Looking For Lingerie Store Sharing
  143. Shop Space for Sharing
  144. Sharing at Orchard Central Level 1 26-28Aug
  145. Share Pushcart at Cineleisure
  146. Sharing Retail Space at Tg Pagar Plaza
  147. Share of Bazaar on Aug@Orchard
  148. Letting Go Shop at Far East Plaza
  149. Bazaar Space at THomson Plaza
  150. Sharing Pushcart at IMM
  151. Looking for Retail Space for Sharing
  152. Sharing at Expo Hall 6
  153. Sharing at Orchard Centre Level 1
  154. Sharing of Pushcart at Suntec
  155. Exchange of Fashion Apparels
  156. Shop Space for Sharing at Raffles Place
  157. Pushcart to Share at Jurong Point
  158. URGENT! FOC Space in Exchange of Manpower
  159. Sharing of Retail Space
  160. Thomson Plaza Concept Counter- June/july
  161. Sharing (17th-19th Cathay Building)
  162. Pushcart at Raffles Place to Let Go
  163. Chevron House Pushcart to Share
  164. Thomson Plaza Concept Counter for Rent or Takeover
  165. Half Far East Plaza Fashion Boutique for Takeover
  166. Pushcart Sharing
  167. Bugis Village Pushcart to Share or Rent
  168. Tampines Interchange Pushcart to Share
  169. Sharing Pushcart at China Square Center
  170. Sharing Space at Tg Pagar Exchange
  171. Fashion Boutique Shop @ Novena
  172. Sharing of Table Spaces 22 Apr to 24 Apr
  173. Sharing of Space
  174. Keen to Share Your Pushcart?
  175. Sharing of Clark Quay Bridge Booth
  176. China Sq Pushcart for May
  177. Looking for Vendor Selling Gifts/food to Share Table
  178. Sharing of Two Rack Space at Cck Event Space.
  179. Cheapest Event Space @FORTUNE CENTRE Only $30 for 2 Tables
  180. Sharing 1 Table at Raffles Exchange for 3 Days
  181. Sharing of China Square Pushcart for April
  182. Sharing Booth at Baby Expo Fair
  183. Sharing Event Space at Amara April End
  184. Sharing Event Space Table at Tg Pagar Exchange
  185. Share Pushcart May and June
  186. Looking for Someone to Share My Shop at Suntec City Mall
  187. Sharing of Clarke Quay Bazaar (18-20 & 25-28 March)
  188. Clarke Quay Bazaar 18-20 March
  189. Sharing of Push Cart Space [April Onwards]
  190. Letting Out TABLE Space @ United Square (4-5 Mar)
  191. Kids Accesories
  192. Sharing of Table at Raffles Exchange
  193. Sharing Retail Space for Goods
  194. Sharing Singapore River Market 18th,19th,20th March
  195. Sharing of Event Space at Tg Pagar Exchange
  196. ITE Simei Bazaar to Share from 15 Feb to 17 Feb
  197. Sharing at IMM Ground Floor
  198. Sharing of Pushcart for 1 Week
  199. Sharing of Space at Heart Land Mall Bazaar
  200. Share of Pushcart at Suntec City Mall (from 9 Feb to 8 Apr)
  201. Sharing of Pushcart in Feb & March
  202. Quality Lady Apparels Required
  203. Share Pushcart in March
  204. Sharing Kiosk At Hougang Mall
  205. Sharing of Pushcart at Suntec City Mall, Outside Carrefour from Mid Jan. 2011
  206. Shelve Space, Glass Shelves, Display Racks, Panels, Waterfalls & Others
  207. NEW Rules For Sharing of Retail Space
  208. Alert of New Sharing Opportunities
  209. Closing of Threads in Sharing of Retail Space
  210. Subletting of Space in Retail Shops
  211. Guidelines For Sharing Postings - Please Read Before Posting